Small World Charities seeks to lift up and empower abandoned and orphaned children around the world by partnering with local leaders to provide food, shelter, education, and medical care. As we meet the needs of the next generation, we are able to foster hope and transform lives.


Small World Charities is partnering with a children's home in Bangalore, India. This children's home is currently caring for the needs of 49 children, though they are still turning more away due to lack of funds and building space. Our vision is to help them acquire land and building space so they can expand to 100 children in smaller "family units".


In 2015, Kenneth Crowder went on a business trip to Bangalore, India, but returned to the United States with a new passion and mission. He had visited the Berachah Bhavan Children's Home, run by locals Jeevan and Jisha, and had witnessed the great need of the orphans of India. Kenneth returned with his family in 2017 and they all were moved by the children's stories of abandonment or loss. By 2019, the home had doubled in size to 40 children and while family and friends had begun to help financially, the needs were greater than a few people could provide. Small World Charities officially incorporated and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2019 so that the greater visions for helping orphans of India and beyond could be reached.


President: Kenneth Crowder
Vice President: Michelle Crowder
Secretary / Treasurer: Debra Prather
Board Members and Advisors: Smitha Appukuttan-Hervey, Steve Hervey, and Mike Wenig

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