Small World Charities partners with local leaders to meet the needs of abandoned and orphaned children. Their needs are great, but the cost to meet these needs are attainable. Below are some examples of how your donation could be used. We encourage you to read over the list of needs and contribute to those which match your financial resources.

Primary Education

Pay school fees for one child for an entire year.

Amount: $150


Commit to covering 11th and 12th grade education for one student.

Amount: $100 / month for 2 years

University Degree

Commit to cover the cost of a Bachelor's degree for one student.

Amount: $145 / month for 3 years

Basic Needs

Support one child's basic needs (food, shelter, education, medical).

Amount: $40 / month

Clean Water

Supply clean water for the children's home.

Amount: $130 / month


Supply a large van to transport the children to and from school..

Amount: $15,000

One Time Donation

Give a one-time donation of any amount to be used toward the most pressing need at the time.

Amount: Varies